Client Testimonials

A.A. – Spokane, WA

Thank you!! You have given me many options to pursue and provided more insight and help than anyone I’ve seen in the last 7yrs!

G.L. – United Kingdom

Tom, we will probably never meet in person, but I feel I know the real you. Because of you, I have a calmness within me that was not there before. You have changed my perspective on my own life. And also the lives of people I love & cherish, because I have shared so much of your wisdom with them.

R.S. – New York

Thank you so much for your continued support as my coach, Tom. Your first hand knowledge of this chronic condition and the helpful information you share have been invaluable. Your positive personality shines through and is appreciated. You deliver powerful messages in an unassuming manner. Prior to speaking with you, I felt like I was “running out of steam” in my efforts to move forward with my Dystonia challenges. However, because of our conversations, you have shed light and hope for my future Dystonia journey. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

J.C. – Kansas

Tom was just what I needed when I was finding my path after being diagnosed with a chronic illness. He made some excellent suggestions that led me to understand how I could move forward in my newly upturned world. He is compassionate and understanding, extremely positive, open-minded, and very intuitive. I highly recommend getting in touch with Tom if you are looking for some extra help or direction, encouragement, support or just an uplifting conversation.

C.M. – New Jersey

During a very difficult time I was suicidal and heading for dangerous addiction. I credit Tom with helping me find my way out. He will always have a special place in my heart because of it. He really listens and tailors his help to the individual. Tom is a natural mentor.

R.S. – Canada

You put things in a way that are so rational and logical, yet encouraging and reassuring!

J.C. – North Carolina

Thank you for everything. I probably don’t thank you enough, but the time you dedicate to help me through life’s challenges means a lot. You’re a good man and the world needs more people like you.

E.C. – Texas

You make me think, you make me grow, and you challenge me, all from a distance. You are an amazing person!

K.B. – Michigan

Tom creates an environment of trust and safety right away. He listened to me and was able to strip away the cop-outs and get to the heart of the matter quickly while still letting me vent at times. His ability to support the feelings involved while addressing the facts make him an excellent coach. We had many ‘aha’ moments together and I walked away with a greater sense of direction and achievement from his encouragement and listening skills. Tom’s interaction and conversational approach is comfortable and will serve his clients well.

J.D. – New York

You have been an asset in my life and an outstanding coach. I can only see you helping others in such a positive way as you have helped me. You have given me helpful tools to use going forward.

A.M. – Indiana

As always, you have summed up what’s going on with me in a nutshell. Just reading an email from you perks up my day and gives me hope. It’s amazing to me without ever having met me in person you seem to understand me perfectly. Bless you for being out there day after day with great advice and inspiration for the rest of us.

S.B. – North Carolina

Tom has an ease when coaching you through a situation that any notion that you’re being “coached” falls to the side. His encouragement to seek the space where I felt appreciated, utilized and necessary, on my own, was a scary proposition for me. I can say without Tom’s coaching I’m fairly certain I would still be sitting at the crossroads feeling trapped. I now feel 10 lbs. lighter and 10 years younger.

T.C. – Canada

Tom’s ability to summarize and mirror back what I have said is very succinct and clear. He demonstrated a great ability to help me expand on my thoughts and ideas. I appreciated the manner in which he provided acknowledgment for my achievements and skills; it was said in a way that was genuine and never created feelings of discomfort or awkwardness. Tom offers a different perspective when appropriate and generates powerful questions each of which have increased my self-awareness and led me to generate ideas to accomplish my goals.

J.F. – Texas

I really enjoyed working with you. You understood where I was in my process and had some very good insights for me to think about. You are genuine and honest about who you are and accepted me as I am. I felt safe and trusted you to share some very personal things and never felt like I was being judged.

N.L. – Canada

Thanks for the support Tom. You’ve suffered so much more and so much longer then I have, and yet you are so willing to offer kind words of encouragement!

B.W. – Pennsylvania

I always enjoy hearing your input. You are, indeed, very knowledgeable.

V.D. – Australia

Just a quick email of thanks. I read your story and was very moved and encouraged to not give up.  Very informative and encouraging.

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