ROYAL pain relieving lotion – Product Review

August 21, 2020

As many of you know, I live with chronic pain from a neurological movement disorder called dystonia. In my bookblogs, and articles, I talk about many tools for pain. I also write reviews for various products for pain and inflammation. There is one company, Resonant Botanicals, that has several products that I enjoy, and I wanted to share a brief review about their latest product called Royal pain relief lotion. Before doing that, I want to recap a couple other products they make that I have found to be of benefit.

Neuro-Soothe is a pain lotion that was developed to provide relief from symptoms associated with neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and dystonia. This really caught my attention because I have lived with chronic pain from dystonia for 20 years. The first few times I used it was after a massage. I had it put on my back and neck, my main trouble areas. I then applied heat to help it absorb even better. This was done late afternoon/early evening on both occasions. Not only did I have at least 75% relief from the pain until I went to bed, I also had no pain upon waking! I was super impressed! I then began to use it at different times during the day, as needed, with similar results.

Painless and Painless PM
Both of these Painless products provide a good punch. They are made with all natural herbs like all of their other lotions. The main difference with Painless and Painless PM is the amount of full spectrum hemp extract. Painless provides 5mg per serving and Painless PM provides 7.5mg to offer additional help for relaxation and sleep at night. Both are made for the purpose of pain, anxiety & stress relief. More specifically, they are designed for reducing joint pain, muscle pain, swelling, inflammation, morning stiffness, symptoms of arthritis, and symptoms of PMS. I have not noticed a major difference using either one. They both provide me with similar relief.

I also use another one of their products called Goodnight to help with sleep. It is a blend of herbs such as chamomile, lavender, scullcap, green tea and passionflower. The added Ayurvedic herbs help to promote a balanced emotional state and aid in restful sleep. Personally, I love it.

Royal is their latest topical lotion. According to their website, Royal is the result of feedback from customers who were trying to mix their different products to find the best combination for their unique pain. The company then took the best parts of their muscle, joint, and nerve pain products, combined with 1000 mg of Hemp Oil Extract, and created Royal. It is essentially all of the ingredients from Neuro-Soothe, Painless X and MSR, with 1000 mg CBD.

I typically use their pain lotions after a massage and since the COVID pandemic hit, I have not been able to try Royal as much as I would like since I have gotten less massages. However, the times I have used it on my back after a massage, and when I apply it to my shoulders and neck, it is very soothing and relaxing. It also helps with stomach discomfort, as do all their other lotions. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it is a tiny bit greasy, but that is only if you use too much. A very small amount goes a very long way and like all of their other products, it absorbs really well. All of their lotions also smell good, leave no stains, and last a very long time.

All of the Resonant Botanicals products are organic. There is no animal testing, dairy, harsh chemicals, gluten, lanolin, mineral oils, parabens, petro-chemicals, phthalates, propylene glycol, silicone, soy/palm oils, sulfates, synthetic colors or synthetic fragrances, and no animal by-products.

A unique feature that is of special importance to some people is their packaging. Instead of plastic, they use glass jars and brushed aluminum containers. This is because plastic contains phthlates, which are molecules that make plastic pliable. Phthlates leach out at temperatures above 86 degrees Fahrenheit. For most people, phthlates are excreted through the urine, but for those with autoimmune compromised conditions (and women during pregnancy) phthlates can become troublesome. There is more about why they use these containers on their website if you are interested.

If you decide to try Royal or any of their other products, use Coupon Code RELIEF for 10% off and free shipping. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all of their products if you don’t get results. They are a solid company with good people, so I feel very comfortable recommending them. I wish you the best of luck if you try their products.

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Tom Seaman is a Certified Professional Life Coach in the area of health and wellness, and the author of 2 books: Diagnosis Dystonia: Navigating the Journey (2015and Beyond Pain and Suffering: Adapting to Adversity and Life Challenges (2021). He is also a motivational speaker, chronic pain and dystonia awareness advocate, health blogger, volunteer for the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) as a support group leader, and is a member and writer for Chronic Illness Bloggers NetworkThe MightyPatient Worthy, and The Wellness Universe. To learn more about Tom, get a copy of his books (also on Amazon), or schedule a free life coaching consult, visit Follow him on Twitter @Dystoniabook1 and Instagram. 


8 responses to “ROYAL pain relieving lotion – Product Review”

  1. HelenBaron says:

    My whole family and I went to Seattle in mid July of 2023 to connect to the Alaska cruise, we stop and visit the Pike market place. I try the Royal pain cream samples and after an hour of walking, my legs and back felt very good. I had 3 back surgeries within 5 years ( L2-L5 &SI 1) and I am 75 years old. I went back within an hour and bought 8oz jar and used during my cruise and felt great. I used the lotion 3 times a day for over a week on my lower back and legs. It’s a miracle lotion for me and my husband ,he use it on his legs and knees . I wish I knew that I had to put it on my checked bag in the airport in Seattle, because the TSA took it from me on my carry on bag. I’m very upset about losing my lotion, It helped my husband and I a lot during our Alaska Cruise , which we used very little of it and the jar is still almost full. Deeply regretted on loosing it to the TSA in Seattle airport. HelenBaron from WPB, FL..😪😪🥵

    • Tom Seaman says:

      I am really pleased that the lotions helped so much, but I am so sorry to hear that it was taken from you. Those TSA rules really burn me up, mostly when it comes to confiscating medical supplies. They should re-imburse us in my opinion.

  2. Ooo this sounds interesting. I currently use a CBD-based warming cream that I try to apply myself on my neck/shoulders especially, which is where I find it works really well. It’s the first one I’ve tried so I’d be keen to have a go with another brand to see how they compare. I like the packaging here too, moving away from plastic and actually giving it a very smart, top quality appeal. Nicely reviewed 🙂

    • Tom Seaman says:

      Thanks very much for your comments about the lotion. I hope it offers you some relief if you decide to give it a try. If you don’t mind sharing, what is the warming cream that you currently use? I am interested in learning about it. Thanks!

  3. Sandy says:

    Thanks for the thorough review. I am glad to see that you included information regarding the ingredients. I have allergies to certain common ingredients (like lanolin) and it tends to limit the products I can use. Nice to see that these are lanolin-free.

    • Tom Seaman says:

      Hi Sandy – I am very happy to hear you found it helpful. I like several of their products. If you decide to try any, I would love to hear what you think.

  4. Barbara Elmlinger says:

    I use these products , also, after reading your review about neuro-soothe. They really help my small fiber neuropathy. I put one of these products on my feet and legs nearly every night. I’m so happy to see you have written a review about them again.

    • Tom Seaman says:

      I am so pleased to hear that Barbara! I like them a lot also and I think the trick is to use them on a consistent basis like you mentioned. That is when I see the best results. I hope you have continued success!

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