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I am so impressed and encourage others to get a copy right away. This should be the major go-to resource book for dystonia for many years to come. Kudos to you Tom – well done!!

I’ve had dystonia for 8 years and this is the best book on the market about this disorder. It covers so many things I am dealing with, both physically and emotionally/psychologically. This book is great for anyone with dystonia no matter how long they have had it.

Tom Seaman wrote the best two books that I’ve ever read, whether or not you have dystonia!

Your book is not filled with jargon or obtuse to the average reader. You manage to humanize it in a very digestible way. It is so honest, the parts where you describe your isolation, fear and resolve to keep going are relatable to everyone. I want to personally thank you for revealing such a misunderstood struggle and helping us all heal..

I learned more from this book than the many doctors I’ve seen over 20 years for my cervical dystonia. Thank You Tom for taking the time to write this very informative book.

I am 84 yrs old and recently diagnosed with Cervical Dystonia. I was in a very dark place until someone suggested both of your books to me. I want you to know how much your writings have helped me. I am learning to look at this illness in a different light since reading your suggestions. I was sliding into depression, and mourning all the things I could no longer do. Instead I am now, hopefully, moving forward to a better outlook and better life.

I received your book yesterday and I am not exaggerating to say I opened one page, read one testimonial, and felt more hopeful than I have in months. There is so much information! What a gift that you have given to so many people.

I asked for your book for Christmas and just got strength up today to start it. I barely made it to Chapter 3 and I have to wipe my eyes often. Thank you for writing this and describing what we feel with such ease so that we can handle it better and our family and friends can understand the small window into what we deal with. Have a blessed new year!

I received your book from my Mom before I was officially diagnosed. I was wildly sleep deprived, depressed, and desperate for someone to understand- your book really helped me calm my mind and look at things from a different perspective- my husband also read it and it helped him to understand my struggles.

I was just re-reading various pages of your book, and my oh my you really did an extraordinary work in compiling all this knowledge and information and structuring it to make it clear for the reader!

I want to thank you for giving me a life. Just two weeks ago, I was the most bitter, angry, depressed, anxious, hopeless, wishing the doctors would find some type of disease that was going to kill me. I wanted to die. I didn’t know anybody with dystonia, I ordered your book and now I am the happiest person ever!!! Thank you Mr. Seaman with all my heart!! 

This book is excellent for dystonia sufferers. It’s extremely well organized so you can search specifics. I found it the best source I’ve found in 25 years.

This is an essential read, not just for dystonia sufferers and their friends/families (very hard for friends and family to understand the condition, and this book explains it perfectly), but for anyone struggling with any kind of on-going mental or physical illness or disability.

My physical therapist advised me to read this book. It answered more questions and explanations of this disease than any of the multiple neurologists I have seen. I highly recommend it for anyone who suffers with this debilitating disease or has a family member with it. I also think it would be beneficial for medical professionals who have patients with dystonia symptoms. Most of the doctors I have seen were unfamiliar with the disease, so they blamed all of my symptoms on stress. Thank you Tom Seaman!

Tom’s book has been a blessing to me and my family in that it’s not only a guide for me but so informative on every aspect of the condition and challenges that we face. I feel like I have a new friend whenever I pick up the book and I do often.

This is the very best book on dystonia that I have found. Written by a patient and so well organized you can flip around to find the items you most want at a given time. Author is not only clear and concise but writes in a style anyone can understand. I have had several instances of correspondence back and forth with Tom Seaman and he is always gracious, patient, and kind. Again, I have a lot of books about dystonia but this is the ONE I recommend all the time.

This book is a wonderful read and a great resource for family & friends to gain more insight. My husband has picked it up and read sections that gave him a-ha moments. He’s been with me for my diagnosis to now journey. I would always try to explain how it felt. How doing something so benign, like picking something up the wrong way, could flare me up. Now he better understands dystonia and my life with dystonia.

I bought the Kindle version a couple of days ago. Just looking through the table of contents, I am in awe of the vast amount of knowledge, experience, resources, and inspiration that is in this book.

Thanks for a wonderful, enlightening book! I learned more from a quick read thru of the information list at the back of the book than I expected to garner from the whole publication! Life changing!

I received my book, Tom, and it is awesome! This will be such a wonderful resource -well written, well-organized, well-researched, and very informative. Thank you for your efforts to put in print everything you have learned through your dystonia journey. Such a gift!

BLOWN AWAY! I think EVERYONE should have this book – Caretakers, family members, my doctor….It is honestly phenomenal – I had no idea. It truly gives me hope. You have diagnosed me better than my doctor. TRULY amazing!!

I believe that everyone with Dystonia, family members, and doctors should get a copy! It is so well written & with such feeling coming from a fellow dystonian. I am just at the beginning, but it is full of every bit of information that someone like me would have died to have 40 years ago and it is also SO positive! We are so blessed that you took the time to write this amazing book for all of us. Thank you Tom!

Excellent read Tom! I really enjoy your style of writing and your voice. It is refreshing to read an educational book from the patient’s perspective. Every neurologist and movement specialist should have a copy and sell it in their practice.

Fantastic book…super informative. To understand someone else’s journey is to take a short walk in their shoes. Thank you for sharing your painful journey…this book is a help to many! Highly recommend!

I am getting ready for a road trip so I downloaded your book. I thought I would read a little to get a taste of it and couldn’t put it down. I haven’t even left for my trip yet! I enjoy your writing style very much. Not being a very technically oriented person, I appreciate how you explain much of the technical things in a very non-threatening, yet still in an informative way.

I just finished your book. It was chock full of good stuff for everyone. For those with dystonia there were so many helpful suggestions and for the rest of us, many worthwhile philosophies. I found many similarities between your thinking and my own. I hope the book is selling like crazy and congratulations on setting its writing as a goal and achieving it.

I just received your book. It’s a real treasure because you understand! Thank you so much. I will not give up on this very challenging journey.

Tom Seaman is an inspirational man who I commend. I bought his book when it was published and he has been very supportive. It’s in his heart and it’s in his soul. Carry on the top work you continually do. I want to personally say from Liverpool UK. You are one of our nationwide ambassadors.

This book has helped me to release the past and changed my views and outlook in so many ways, and I’ve still not quite finished the book yet! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us all.

Loving your book! It’s brilliant! You’re an excellent writer and your book is an enjoyable read, as well as helpful! God bless for the help you provide people through your work! 

I saw a post about this book on my facebook wall, followed the link, and had to get it. I’m not even that far in and I can say this is the kind of book I’ve been waiting for. I wish I had this when I was first diagnosed, though it’s still very helpful now. Can’t wait to finish it. The further I get into it, the more I think it would be a good idea to get a second copy to pass around to interested friends and family. Thank you so much Tom!

This is the book you went looking for when you were diagnosed. The “Am I the only one who feels this or that way” is answered. It’s  that, “Hey you, this is what it is but nothing can change your attitude unless you let it.” Positivity breeds positivity and I like being surrounded by what uplifts me. This book does just that.

I am only on chapter 5 of your book but have been so moved by your words.

I received the book yesterday and had a little bit of time to browse through it. I read the chapter on anxiety since I had just been out of town and had a panic attack because of having to get on the highway, which I have trouble with because of anxiety. Your chapter on explaining how you dealt with your panic attacks was helpful and it made me not want to give in to letting this continue to control me from taking long distance trips.

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